Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fisher's Principle of gender ratio

Ronald Fisher in his 1930 book "The genetical theory of natural selection" explains why the male to female ratio in most species is 1:1. It is one of the most celebrated principles in evolutionary biology. It may be wrongly attributed to him and scientists before him may knew it. He popularized it with his book and attracted the attention of wider community. 

If a community or group of animals has a tendency to produce offspring of one sex, natural selection prefers the representative parents who have that tendency in the community when the population of that sex is less compared to that of other sex or it prefers different kind of parents otherwise. Once the ratio is achieved, it can swing to other side again and the process repeats.

Fisher is a British scientist and biologist. Works of him along with British geneticist JBS Haldene and American geneticist Sewell Wright is considered to be founded the discipline of population genetics. He did several other contributions to biology like fisherian runway that explains why male peacocks and other animals have natural decorations.

Population Genetics
Fisher's principle
Ronald Fisher

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