Saturday, August 2, 2008

World and India rice production

World produced 425 million tonnes of rice and consumed 424 million tonnes in 2008. Total world exports are around 27 million tonnes. India produced 92 million tonnes in crop year 2007 and 96 million tonnes in 2008. It consumed 85 million tonnes in 2005, 88 million tonnes in 2007 and 90 million tonnes in 2008. India exported 4.5 million tonnes in 2006, 5 million tonnes in 20007 and only 3 million tonnes in 2008.

China produced 129 million tonnes, consumed 128 million tonnes in 2007. It consumed 135 million tonnes in 2006, and the reason for decrease in consumption is because people started eating other food.

It is expected that India needs 128 million tonnes for domestic consumption by 2012. Indians consume 80 kg per year per person. In china, consumption is 90 kg per person per year.

In addition to India and china, U.S. exports 3.5 million tonnes, Thailand, the largest exporter exports 9 million tonnes of its 18 million tonnes production and Pakistan exports 2.9 million tonnes of its 5.5 million tonnes. India and China will not be able to export as their population is growing and their production is not increasing rapidly. India and china maintained carryover stock of 50 million tonnes for future use and the total world stock of rice is around 90 million tonnes.

India uses 5.6 million hectares or 13.8 acres of land for rice production, where as U.S. uses 2.6 million acres of land.

India banned export of rice since March' 2008 to mitigate effect of global food crisis on it. However this can contribute little more to global food crisis and price rises in rest of the countries.

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